My Bubble Protection

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Electromagnetic waves protection

Protection system from artificial and natural magnetic waves like those of your mobile phone.

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Vibrations, waves, frequencies, we are all immersed in a quantum sea where every minimal movement or change has a direct or indirect influence on every person, animal or plant. As we know, living beings are mainly composed of water and electromagnetic fields and as such are subject to the laws of electromagnetism.

It is for this reason that disharmonious environmental influences such as electrosmog, geopathies and various types of pollution cause bioenergetic alterations and congestions which, for a prolonged exposure time, can affect the living being and generate real physical ailments. MY BUBBLE PROTECTION nanotechnology was created to find and maintain the body's natural balance.





MY BUBBLE PROTECTION is an advanced device created to neutralize artificial electromagnetic waves such as those emitted by smartphones, wi-fi, 5G, power lines or appliances and natural waves or those coming from the earth such as Hartmann's nodes, Curry or courses underground water.




The device, born as a result of research lasting over 20 years, manages to process the electromagnetic waves present in the environment, neutralizing a very high percentage. This protective effect helps our body restore balance.

MY BUBBLE PROTECTION makes electromagnetic waves biocompatible, coherent and orderly with a process carried out continuously and inexhaustibly. Continuously corrects the subtle information present in the environment, releasing harmonious information that helps restore a state of well-being.

MY BUBBLE PROTECTION, thanks to the movement of the electrons of the device on which it is applied and based on the artificial and natural radiation (geopathies) present, emits a specific signal of harmonization that helps protect the natural functioning of our body.





Under the constant influence of unnatural frequencies, the body is forced to spend a large amount of energy. Over time the body, failing to fully recharge, can accumulate an energy deficit (lack of energy). When the body does not have enough energy, the immune system is affected, weakening, sensitivity increases and the risk of getting sick increases drastically.



Undoubtedly everyone should have it. The people who are most in need are certainly children, pregnant women, the elderly and sick people. In fact, their energy level is much lower than in an adult and healthy person.





MY BUBBLE PROTECTION does not block electromagnetic or geopathogenic radiation, but directly interferes with the pathogenic spectrum of frequencies within them, and with a high percentage neutralizes their harmful impact on human, animal and plant health.

Therefore, the effect of MY BUBBLE PROTECTION does not in any way contrast with the performance of the devices to which it is applied






Decreases ailments

It increases vitality, concentration and energy

Improve sleep

It increases the feeling of well-being

Significantly reduces tension and moodiness

Strengthen the Immune System

It improves attention and mental clarity

Increases resistance to disease

Speeds up the response to various health treatments

It reduces nervousness and hyperactivity

Gives more harmony in family relationships

Ideal for the whole family, even for animals

Absolutely no contraindications



For its correct functioning MY BUBBLE PROTECTION must be attached using the appropriate adhesive already present on its back side.


carefully clean and degrease the surface on which MY BUBBLE PROTECTION is to be installed
remove the backing paper from the back of MY BUBBLE PROTECTION
fix on the surface of the MY BUBBLE PROTECTION device exerting a slight pressure until its complete adhesion
remove the transparent protective film

Maintenance instruction:

It does not require any type of intervention except for any cleaning that must be carried out avoiding abrasive substances or surfaces that would irreversibly damage it.